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chicago-property-managementInterested in property management, real estate investment, or other services related to real estate?  At Landmark Realty Group we cater to clients in Chicago who desire assistance with apartment property management, multi-family properties for lease, real estate investment properties, and more.  Our professionals understand that rental properties can be extremely time consuming, and that those interested in real estate investment need expert guidance.  Our team is dedicated to going beyond your expectations and meeting every need.

Property management.  From multi-family property management to apartments, condos, duplexes or other properties, we understand how involved and stressful managing these properties can be in terms of maintenance, inspections, collecting rent from tenants, reporting, accounting, screening of potential tenants, leasing, and more.  Our property managers are experienced, capable, and committed to enhancing the value of your property.

Real estate investment properties can be a challenge as well, whether you are interested in investing in commercial property, single-family homes, apartments, multi-family properties, or other real estate.  Our real estate brokers help ensure your investments are financially sound and likely to enhance your quality of life in the future.  We understand that not everyone is successful when it comes to real estate investment properties; our goal is to provide the guidance you need and work with you on the path toward success.

From managing rental properties and units to real estate investment and project management, our business is helping you succeed.  With our versatile and skilled team of attorneys, agents, contractors, inspectors, and others in the industry, you can expect superior service and guidance whatever your property management or real estate needs.  Landmark Realty Group invites those in Chicago to learn more about our wide array of real estate services by calling 630-842-5557 today.



Chicago Real Estate & the Growth in Property Flipping


sell-chicago-homeWhen it comes to Chicago real estate, it’s clear that house-flipping is still working well for those in the windy city.  In fact, last year it seems investors in the area were more active than in the past several years, with the biggest increases in flipping in the country occurring in Chicago and Detroit according to news reports.

Of all the homes sold in Chicago in 2016, 7 1/2% were flipped, or in other words homes that were purchased, improved upon, and then re-sold.  This equates to 2.8 percentage points gained over the homes flipped in 2015 in Chicago.  What does this mean for those interested in Chicago real estate?  It’s simple, really.  When the economy is strong, buyers are plentiful; good news for those who look to make money in house-flipping.

Considering the increase in wages, employment growth, and the fact that the economic crisis nearly a decade ago resulted in maintenance that needed to be done to many homes being put off, there’s now a good supply of properties available.  Lots of flippers rehab homes to make them more attractive to potential buyers, not to mention increase their value.

Chicago real estate investors are savvy, and often pick up their game when home prices are on the increase as this shows not only an increase in interest by buyers, but rising prices help investors come out good on a flip even in cases when little or no rehab is done to add to the quality or value of a home.  No matter how you look at it, property flipping has returned in a big way.  Perhaps it’s all the reality television shows we watch today?  Regardless, it’s a good way to make money through real estate!